Ysbryd o gariad

 Ysbryd o gariad


Pan dw i’n gweld y golau o’r haul yn disgleirio ar dawnsio dail,

Yr Ysbryd o gariad yn symud drwy fy enaid.

Pan dw i’n clywed y rhythm tyner o’r tonnau yn agosáu,

Yr Ysbryd o gariad yn symud drwy fy enaid.

Pan dw i’n anadlu yr awyr o harddwch diddiwedd,

Yr Ysbryd o gariad yn symud drwy fy enaid.

Pan dw i’n teimlo calonnau bobl yn dawnsio gyda fy nghalon,

Yr Ysbryd o gariad yn symud drwy fy enaid.

Pan dw i’n clywed eich sibrwd tyner yn yr gwynt,

Yr Ysbryd o gariad yn symud drwy fy enaid.

Yr Ysbryd o gariad, Yr Ysbryd o gariad,

Yr Ysbryd o gariad yn symud drwy fy enaid.

I feel you!

There are People who ask me how I know You.

They try to tell me that I can’t possibly know that You are real.

They say, ‘You have no evidence. It’s all in your mind.’

This is not true. It’s not all in my mind… it’s in my heart and in my soul.

How do I know that You are real?

Well the truth is, I know because I feel You.

Everything flows from You.

And I feel this flow. I see it. I breathe it!

You Breathe love into my heart,

Soul dancing love,

Bottomless love,

Sometimes it’s a love that overwhelms me,

But I seek it,

I need it.

And when You are with me the intangible becomes tangible,

And so I feel You,

Right in the centre of my soul.

I feel You in the stillness of prayer,

When You awaken my heart,

When I become conscious and aware.

I feel You when we talk.

I know You hear me.

I try to hear You,

And Sometimes I do.

While Most others just see my surface,

You see me,

You look into my heart,

You see my truth,

And you help me to see the me that you made me to be.

And it’s beautiful,

Because when I find me,

The real me,

I find You.

I know You are here when I see You shine through the hearts of others,

Radiating Your love light from their smiling eyes, their warmth and presence,

And I also feel you at the centre of passionate words spoken by your beloved,

Words that are now tattooed on to my heart and burn on my lips.

In the everyday acts kindness and in the freeing actions of forgiveness,

In happiness and sorrow,

In Joy and in suffering,

And in the tears that fall from eyes that weep.

I see You in beautiful relationships and even in the messy ones.

Especially the messy ones.

And in the breaking down of boundaries that keep us from being One,

I feel You in a peaceful hand shake,

In a loving cwtch.

And in a soft gentle kiss.

And I feel You in the breathtaking world that You created,

When I hear the birds singing,

When I feel the wind blow against my face and move through my hair,

When I see the sky,

The moon and the stars,

The mountains and the trees.

The storms and the sea,

I gaze in wonder,

And My heart opens,

You are revealed,

I see you!

When I hear music that ignites my heart,

When I dance and when I laugh,

In all life,

In all creation,

I feel you.

With eyes open or eyes closed,

I see You!

And I’m grateful,

And I know,

You are here,

In the No matter whatness,

You are here!

In the every part of lifeness,

You are here!

And You are Beautiful!

More than beautiful.

And You are real!


Walk with me

Walking with God.

Prayer walking,

Being, feeling, seeing

God of light,

Light of God,

Walk with me.


Be here!  Be now!
IMG_4595Stop!  See!          Can you feel the light?      Sun lightIMG_4592Light Flowing light

IMG_4590Breathe light

IMG_4596Land of light

IMG_4597Love light

IMG_4606Hearts of light

IMG_4607Light of  my heart!

IMG_4610Light through the trees,

IMG_4613Beautiful Light

IMG_4615Giant light! Light the way!

IMG_4616Light up my soul

IMG_4617Light up the darkness

IMG_4623Clear Light

IMG_4625Bright light

IMG_4634 Feeding light


Healing light


Flame of light


Heart of light


God of light!


Heaven’s torch!





See the child!


I see you,

Child of God,

You run free,

You are here Now,


Honest and true,

Free from the past,

Free from the future,

You live in the real,

You are who you are meant to be.

I see you,

Child of God,

You explore the world and find wonder in everything,

You smile when your happy,

Your face glows when you sing,

You dance when you feel like dancing,

You are alive!

You have no inhibitions,

No worries,

No judgement,

No Unfreedoms.

Just love.

You live life,

You love life,

You are life.

But when you are sad,

You hold out your arms to be comforted,

You have no foolish pride,

You are open,

You are ready to be loved,

And loved you are.

You are beautiful!

You are exactly who God made you to be,

God’s instrument of love,

Child of God,

You are You.

You teach us to

Look past the surface,

To see the light,

To see love,

To see you,

To see God in you!

So that when we look into our own hearts,

And see!

We See the child within!

See the child!

See God!

Seren y gân



A long long time ago,

Born from God a star shone brightly,

Planted in the sky with special purpose,

He waited patiently,

He watched a baby born so humbly,

But never had he ever felt,

His rays of love burn so deeply,

Fired from the heavens above.

And while he watched,

His heart grew stronger,

Erupting with fiery light,

His words,

He could hold no longer,

He sang out with zeal into the night,

“My light breathes,

The truth from above,

I’m lighting the way,

To the world’s greatest love,

Surely the world will know who You are,

When they feel in You,

The heart of the Father”

As time went by the Child grew up,

And made the star smile with his love,

His open arms, embraced all that came,

He offers life, He is the Way,

But to the horror of that Star,

They turned on Him,

They meant Him harm,

They crucified the the Son of Man

Through tears and pain the Star, He sang,

“His light breathes,

The truth from above,

He is the Way

He’s the world’s greatest love,

Why can’t the world see the love that You are?,

That You are One with the Father.”

A few days later the Star’s light ignited,

As he saw the Son of God resurrected,

And he Knew that life can live forever,

And that Love will never leave,

Years went by and the star had witnessed,

Senseless wars, hate and misery,

But his light still burnt because he knew,

Even in the darkness,

Son of man is always near,

And with hope the Star sang brightly,

“Your light breathes,

The truth from above,

You are the Way,

You’re the world’s greatest love,

I know that in time the world will see?,

That it is You who can set Us free”

Whizzing world



Living in a Whizzing world,

So busy, So much noise,

Over thinking,

Consciousness sinking,

Flooded with thoughts of yesterday and tommorow,

Swamped in the commotion,

Getting caught up in the current of

The Must do this,  the must do thats,

The Don’t forget this,  the don’t forget thats,

You must think this way, you shouldn’t live like that,

It would be easy to join the conveyor belt,

Go with the flow,

Stay in the dream,

But I don’t fit in in there,

It feels empty,

Now that I’ve seen.

And everything’s getting blurry,

It’s harder to see You,

Where are You?

I can’t hear You?

Anxiety creeping

Heart rate increasing,

So fast that I stumble,

Oh please trip me up,

Take my feet from the floor

Or the floor from my feet,

Let me fall,

Because I know to where I’m falling,

I know right where I’ll land,

Enfolded in your arms,

At peace in the palm of your hands,

Out of my head and into my heart,

Into your heart,


No thinking, Just being.

And in your grasp,

I feel Your light move through and through me,

I can see. And it’s real.

I’m awake! I’m aware!

The mist that filled my eyes has cleared,

And Now

I see through the whizziness,

You’re with me in this busyness,

Although the world sometimes dazes me,

And the noisiness fazes me,

I know that your here,

 You are with me,


In the quietness of my childlike heart.








Mary – Right here with You!

Image result for mary listening to jesus

Who are you?

I mean, I know who you are! You are friends with My brother. Of course I know you.

Don’t I?

But…as I sit here at your feet,

I know you are more.

I can feel that you are more.

You are…

Its on the edge of my heart but Now Your eyes stop my thinking,

Your words stop my searching,

You stop me,

I’m still,

Your presence draws me in.




I surrender to you,

And now all I can do is listen,

To You,

To your words,

To your heart,

Martha is shouting something but I don’t hear her,

I know I’m where I’m supposed to be.

Hearing You,

Seeing You,


With You!