The fiery one


            Picture – Fiery one   –   By caru777

The fiery one

Let me be your guiding light.
Feel the timeless breath of life that I carry on my blazing wings.
I will descend upon you in flash to light up your soul for I am the fiery one.
I am like lightening. I will set your heart ablaze with the spirit of Yahweh.
I will enlighten you with truth if you have eyes to see.
Who are you?
I will show you.
I will flow through and through you but you cannot possess me.
For I am always moving.
I am always free.
I have been here from the beginning and here I will always be.
The fiery one.

Whizzing world

When my soul is tired and anxiety sets in and the world overwhelms me, I often say these words below to still myself and to rest in My Daddy’s arms. To see and feel the real and free my true self from the boundaries set up by the world AND the boundaries that I put up myself. To just be. And to see the child in others, to feel life in all things. AND also to feel the inbetweens of things, the relationships, the connections, the love flow xxx  awake and aware xxxx

Oh please trip me up,

Take my feet from the floor

Or the floor from my feet,

Let me fall,

Because I know to where I’m falling,

I know right where I’ll land,

Enfolded in your arms,

At peace in the palm of your hands,

Heaven's Torch


Living in a Whizzing world,

So busy, So much noise,

Over thinking,

Consciousness sinking,

Flooded with thoughts of yesterday and tommorow,

Swamped in the commotion,

Getting caught up in the current of

The Must do this,  the must do thats,

The Don’t forget this,  the don’t forget thats,

You must think this way, you shouldn’t live like that,

It would be easy to join the conveyor belt,

Go with the flow,

Stay in the dream,

But I don’t fit in in there,

It feels empty,

Now that I’ve seen.

And everything’s getting blurry,

It’s harder to see You,

Where are You?

I can’t hear You?

Anxiety creeping

Heart rate increasing,

So fast that I stumble,

Oh please trip me up,

Take my feet from the floor

Or the floor from my feet,

Let me fall,

Because I know to where I’m falling,

I know right where I’ll land,

Enfolded in your arms,

At peace in the palm of your hands,

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Two children of God


Two children of God


We journeyed together and shared God’s love,

In light we laughed, we breathed, we prayed,

We reached the top of the hill to see,

The Gower smiling back at us in silent tranquillity.

A mystical experience,

To feel,

To breathe in,

God’s creation,

Connecting with our siblings of nature,

in the flow of

Love given


In awe we stood,

Two children of God,

Belonging and being,

Two children of God.

Then the sun appeared and kissed our hearts with warmth and light,

And with God given love our souls opened as wide as the wings of an angel,

And we danced unconcealed with the Son.

We shouted out into the wind and let go of all fear,

We soared into the sky like eagles,

Living in the moment,

Two misfits,

Truly Free,


God’s children,





Fy Mabi Bach


Heaven's Torch

 Fy Mabi bach

They’re waiting Fy Mabi, They’re waiting,

The people cry out in anguish,

I hear their wailing hearts,

Their sombre song fills the air,

A dark cloud of Sorrow,

They cry for you Fy Mabi,

Oh Fy Mabi bach,

If they only knew that you are here with me,

Me, And who am I to behold you?

My heart leaps each time I feel you move,

Protected inside my womb,

But Oh Fy Mabi, how can I protect you when you are more than life itself?

Elizabeth felt you Fy Mabi, I’ve never seen her look so mesmerised,

Will others feel the same?

Will they know that you are different?

Will they see it in your eyes?

Or in your smile?

Or in the way that you cry?

Will You know Fy Mabi?

Will You know that you are Him?

Will you know it from your first breath?

Oh Fy…

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A message to My beautiful friend


Dear friend,

My heart aches that you have passed from this world,

But I know that you are with God now,

You always were with God and He has always and will always be with you.

You are so beautiful, in so many ways,

I’ve always felt like I can be myself around you,

Because you are Honest and true,

So I can be true too,

I never have to pretend with you.

You always give the best cuddles and I love the way that when I’ve been scared, hurt or sad in the past, you’ve held my hand. You made me feel valued and loved in a time when I was feeling sad and afraid.

You’ve calmed me down when I’ve been angry and showed me a better way to deal with my hurt,

You listened patiently when I needed a friend,

And you have always been there for me,

You’ve prayed with me, danced with me, laughed with me and cried with me,

And I just hope that I helped you too.

It’s been so easy being your friend and my life is better because you have been a part of it,

You have a special place in my heart,

My Beautiful, brave and loving friend,


Sending hugs and kisses to you,


Xxx Carrie xxx







When love is now



When love is now,

The breath of life is the current,

Trees speak,

With non-verbal light,

And the leaves dance,

To the same flow that makes the waves crash,

And the wind howl or the slightest, most gentlest breeze.

When love is now,

Stars flicker,

Like fiery lanterns,

And the sky is,

Lustrously lit up,

By the moon light or the sun light,

Light ignited with love.

When love is now,

We break down the walls that make us frightened,

We open our hearts and we listen.

We reach out,


stripped down to the core.

When Love is now,

We see God!

See God in others,

And we’re all the same,

And we’re all so very different,

And yet we are the same,

Each one of us is special and so

mind blowingly, heart blowingly,


When love is now!

We intertwine and we’re united,

We breathe easier when we’re connected,


In The Spirit,

Our family,

As one,

love is now!